Canada Chooses ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems Joint Support Ship Design

ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems Canada has been chosen to supply the design for the Royal Canadian Navy’s new Joint Support Ships following a stringent selection process. For ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems is this design decision an important success. Since also other Navies are considering proven design solutions, this decision will improve ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems position in the competitive markets.

The choice of the proven ThyssenKrupp Marine System’s design, based on the German Navy’s Berlin Class Einsatzgruppenversorger (EGV– Task Force Support Ship) was made within the context of Canada’s National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy.

Two competing ship designs were assessed to determine which is best suited for the operations of the Royal Canadian Navy. In the end, the off-the-shelf ThyssenKrupp Marine System’s design was chosen, following a transparent selection process involving multiple government departments and third party advisors. Their decision was based on three key criteria:

  • operational capability
  • affordability
  • cost and schedule risks during construction

The process was monitored by audit firm KPMG, as an independent third-party. First Marine International, a recognized firm of shipbuilding experts, provided ship construction costing expertise.

As the next step ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems will prepare the design package which Canada will provide to Vancouver Shipyards to review in preparation for actual production. Once these steps are completed Canada will acquire the license for the ship design. This will enable Canada to use the ship design and build, operate, and maintain the Joint Support Ships in Canada.

As a result of the process determined by the Canadian government, Canada’s shipyards will acquire advanced technical skills and knowledge as part of the broader National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy.

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