DCNS sets up DCNS Research to promote innovation

To further its innovation strategy, DCNS has set up DCNS Research. The initiative reaffirms the Group’s determination to maintain its position as one of the world’s leading innovators in naval defence and energy.

DCNS Research brings together all Group activities involving technological research. Technological research builds on basic research and theory to yield applications vital to the design and development of new products and services.

With facilities at the Group’s Nantes and Toulon centres, DCNS Research currently comprises 120 highly qualified engineers and technicians and will expand over the coming months. The new entity will focus on the main areas of technological research applicable to naval defence and energy, including hydrodynamics, materials, structures, acoustic discretion, electromagnetism and algorithms.

Topics under investigation include:

  • swell motion forecasting using hydrodynamic models and their contribution to UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) deployment from warships
  • improved understanding of the behaviour and reliability of warships in all sea states and applications to improve crew safety and environmental protection
  • smart materials combining structural strength and stealth along with antenna and other capabilities, to replace multiple components using a variety of materials
  • long-term properties and performance of large wind turbines and resistance of floating turbines to marine environments.
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